Listed below are some of the softwares
and listings that we support.

Please feel free to view these individual
web pages by clicking the thumbnail of the page.
You will find contact information within each.
If you have a need for software
and/or web services please feel
free to contact us via the CONTACT
menu above.

The Crypt Keeper Online
Cemetery software

Below is a listing of just some of the websites we host,
yours could be next!

Lake Toho Tackle
and Fishing Charters

Cypress Springs
Owners Association, Inc.

Nelson Ledges Archery
Located in Ohio

Lakewood at the Crossings
Homeowners Association

by Tom

The Estates at Springs Landing
Homeowners Association

Northshore Courtyard Villas
Homeowners Association

Southport Condominiums
Homeowners Association

Do you need a website for your business, club or family?
It's simple, and safe!

We have a template website where you can experiment with many of the already programmed features. Just CLICK HERE to be redirected there.

You can make your website:
  • Public
    • available to everyone on the internet
    • all features available without restrictions
    • great for social networking
    • visitors can log in and comment on your content and create their own member pages
    • For an example, click HERE
  • Restricted
    • some content public
    • other content private to only valid logins
    • useful for businesses that just want to spread a message but have no social interaction other than a contact page or guestbook
    • For an example, click HERE
  • Private
    • no access without a valid login
    • useful for families or clubs so that only members can see and share content
    • For an example, click HERE
We'll set up a core website for you (per your specifications) and you can:
  • Edit/add pages
  • Add images/photos
  • Add PDF documents
  • Add MP3 music files
  • Add Blogs
  • Allow members to join your website, and members can add their own content also
  • Add miscellaneous downloadable files for your visitors
Above you'll find various examples of organizations that are already using our services. Feel free to browse their sites and see if we can help you.

And we WON'T force you to have web-ads on your website!
It will be just the content YOU want your visitors to see.
  • Costs start at $10.00 (USD) per month for basic service (you maintain your own content, no assistance).
  • Or we can assist you and maintain your website for you at a higher rate.
And if you don't want to register a domain name, no problem, you can simply use our 'tbgtom.com' domain.
For example: YourWebsiteHere.tbgtom.com

If you're ready to take the plunge, click on the CONTACT menu.
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