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It's simple, and safe!

Website Types
  • only admins can log in
  • useful for organizations that don't want social interaction
  • For an example, click HERE
  • only admins can edit site
  • guests are allowed to create a member page
  • members may add content
  • members may comment on content
  • great for social networking
  • for an example, click HERE

$30.00 per year
basic assistance
no file storage
no member pages
$60.00 per year
basic assistance
with file storage
with member pages
$120.00 per year
full assistance
with file storage
with member pages
And if you don't want to register a domain name, no problem, you can simply use our '' domain.
For example:
Please note: if you want a custom domain name not on our server you would be responsible for obtaining that
on your own and we can then give you instructions on linking that new name to the site on this server.

If you're ready to take the plunge, CLICK HERE to get your free 30-day trial site started.

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