The following is a listing of legacy software we've produced over the decades.

Years ago we offered the following two programs to run on Windows systems.

If you're looking for them, these are the revised download links.

This is something I wrote just before the year 2000. Lots of companies hadn't yet switched over to Windows 95 and needed some applications that would still run on Windows 3.1. A notepad program that didn't have a 65,000 character limit.

For the biggest nerds out there, here's something I wrote back in the late 1980's that was designed to run on DOS systems for original IBM PC's. It won't run on modern computers unless you use a DOS emulator. There are no graphics, it was done entirely with text, but there is the shape of a game board and indicators for player's icons.

Small hidden feature, if you choose two players and name the second player *** that will be the computer playing against you (basically becoming a one player game).
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